BRILLIANT Self-Luminating Eccentric Kids

Absolutely the brilliant, eccentric kids stand out the most, compared to the rest of the crowd,
They stand out and I know it is their brilliance within them that is shining through in every eccentricity they demonstrate…
That is a gift, from somewhere…I don’t know how they got it…that no one can teach them….that no one can duplicate…
That they take with them wherever they go..and I hope I do not have to attempt to get in the way of, or stifle, ever,….
Genuine living in the moment and themselves connecting to the universe with the eccentric behavior …guiding them …
Will be welcomed gladly and left unhindered by me.. it is normal, yes, it is, to me,
I see them acting productively growing in knowledge and awareness and comprehension……

..Some kids aren’t going to fit into a category with anybody else…or fit in with everybody else, they are more gifted,
Yet, they still are doing what they are “supposed” to do and getting it all figured out correctly,
In spite of this ability…without any damage caused to anyone at all, or themselves,

The processes involved in how they act and think simultaneously, … stands apart from the rest and they watch from a different vantage Point… just do things ..uniquely unlike they see others doing them …if possible. I relate to them so easily, and gladly, I just see brilliance in them Or something like it, and I want the same thing for myself, ….if I could….. something different and meaningful to me

Why It is done in the first place…if they care to take note,
It is not their fault…if they don’t relate to what they see…a choice to stand apart without choosing consciously
To do so….and being smart in their own way.

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