Shocked To See Graffitti ….. What Was I Thinking ? The Thought Never Occurred To Me,,,,

Thanks to a very tall, probation lady…for waking me up today to the obvious. OMG! I feel like an idiot and was so embarrassed! What did I think I was counting pencils for at each break during class? I don’t even think I cared why, I just did it as required. Then, after the break, in walks a staff member who would check on my classroom’s looking at the computers that stretched across the classroom… facing two walls along the side and the back of the room. She went to the first computer and she picked it up and she mentioned something I didn’t understand. I am unfamiliar with the terminolgy, I guess, ..I still have no idea what she said..but, it was the word for scratching letterson their surroundings. of writing in the graffitti looking style..yuck! In this case it was scratched on the keyboards and on the computers in class! I was so shocked! I had no idea seemingly, every kid in class was gonna want to do that awful activity not allowed by them to do at all anywhere…today… the majority of kids in the class thought it would be the “cool ” thing to do. I really shoulds thought about that, But it was the last thing I woulda thought a pencil would be used for.

At the end of class it was all cleaned up, and I tried my best to make them feel bad about doing graffitti like that on their computers (OMG) That did not make sense to me why would anyone want to do that anyway, especially the knowledge that it was wrong? Did they know why it was wrong? Why should they NOT do that? It was ridiculous, and I told them, I was very disappointed in them for their behavior. I was amazed I am so dumb I overlooked that, OMG!because I told them I trusted them to do their work at their seats on the tables where they sat in front of the comoputers…and would never have imagined they would do that with their pencils or I wouldn’t have let ’em sit there and do what they wanted for so turn up the music …..because they love the computers so much!!! The computer is their favorite thing in school to do, it seems. And they love to go to the computers so much. …..It was fun, but, only meant to last for a short while…before the class went off to break…Believe me, the comoputers were not easy to get them off of…and to get them to turn off, clean up, and get ready to leave for lunch!

I shoulda told them when they are old enough and have enough money, that they could buy a computer for themselves and put graffitti all over it..and see what they would say!! And ask them if they really liked the way it looks that much. Yuck!!

( I hope I never feel as “in the dark” again, as I felt today, about anything else as obvious as this! )

Yes, as you might expect, I was called the next day and heard the bad news. I couldn’t go back to those particular types of schools. For my lack of “common-sense”…I must say, this made me think of what a shame it was …because this was the first, last, and only time I would have let that happen. Now I know, and since that day…I watch for it..

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