Glad I Took That Butterknife Out of The Drawer!

It was a Thursday morning, before class began… another normal day before work.
“Unless, something really stupid happens,” I thought. I opened up the teacher’s top drawer..knowing it would matter…if there was something …..
“A-ha!!!” (I am so smart), I said to myself!!
“I cannot believe this is really in here!!” (OMG..adventure…) I knew I would have to be ready, I thought….”for the worst….”
But, I wasn’t expecting this.
“Wow!.. … a butterknife…on top of everything else…at the spot closest to where the kids could grab and get a hold of it…isn’t that nice?!”
This is why I say this stuff to myself…See?…”Let’s take a look in the drawer…”
“A stainless steel utensil for spreading butter…of course! What else could it be?”
“Every teacher’s desk has one of these right where a kid could grab it…in a room like this!”
I said to myself, “Sure!” I laughed! Then I shook my head, “I don’t think so..Oh no way!!”

I wouldn’t have it! Are you crazy? I jumped right up with that darned stainless steel utensil and I walked next door to the other teacher’s classroom with it.
It was hidden safely beneath my arm. I pulled it out to show him and I said,
“Do you see this?” holding up and handing it to him.
“I am taking this thing out of that teacher’s top drawer and leaving it in here with you to hold until he gets back.”
The teacher just stared…and shook his head.

Guess what? Oh well, I admit…It was a very long day. Although I was positive and creative…and so polite.., it wouldn’t stop them from opening the top drawer like they weren’t supposed to, and looking in. Nor did they stop trying to find things wrong to do with the stuff in there that they could find..I am so glad .it wasn’t in there…or I personally guarantee…that someone would have taken it out ..if I had not taken that butterknife out of that teacher’s top desk drawer first!

I had all of the students write their names on the board as they entered the room…
One student wrote an obvious gang name…I won’t repeat. I said, “I don’t think that is your real name?” The class laughed…I said, “Please write your real name.” Finally, he changed it. Well, this is who had the most problems with me that day and who woulda most likely been in a lot of trouble..if that were not removed. He might have been glad to have grabbed that utensil. Okay? See what I mean?

The good news is…I made a deal with the kid. I gave him a choice. I said, “You have been ‘bad’ for awhile now. Please be ‘good” for awhile and then I will call it even.” He stared, “We will call it even, okay?” Then he shook his head, as if to say “yes”, up and down. As he sat down and listened . I noticed he participated nicely till the end of class. He sat down and gave me equal time of doing everything I wanted. He used his neighbor’s cellular to find the answers to the questions I had on the board and shared them politely with a quiet classroom. As everybody listened.. Then he gave me very long, detailed definition for a few words on the board. So, I had a better day than I might have least. We got through the day…without anyone being as bad as they would have, if that stainless steel utensil had not been removed by me first. It was gone, before most of the students arrived (one or two of them were there…and noticed me remove it..and I had to explain why to them …they understood what I was doing and agreed). Even though the T.A. told me “They never do their work,” I am sorry to say, I didn’t care; I asked them to do it anyway.

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