Okay, I Do Want You Kids Near Me…Just…In A Room Where Everyone Has Something To Do/Or Kids Who Can Do What They Are Supposed To

I will work with you, you need it the most. They are working together in the corner of the room on what they are suopposed to, while we are doing our work here. The rest of the class is finished and is doing more challenging work… wherever , and with whomever they enjoy working with the most; who is also at their level.. usually, it seems, anyway. Everyone is doing educational activities where ever they need to …to get it done. Everyone is doing/done with their assignment and knows how it is to be done; the right way. Correctly, on their own, in the long run. So I am happy. And, there is no excuse for not helping the ones who need it the most, or for not allowing the ones who do not need it at all to do something else that will keep them focused and busy ; doing work that is more challenging that they like…they will find something on their own and sit down with it at their seats, usually. That is an ideal room.

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