Math Won’t Hurt You! Then..Do It At Home, Please

There’s one student  at school who just won’t stop arguing with the teacher  during math.  The reason being that they  seem  afraid to do  math without a calculator.   They  seem  to think they  need  a calculator, when we aren’t using one and the work is  getting not done by that person  at all during class;   they  seem  so scared  of getting it wrong, and will not listen to the teacher explain it to them at all , I guess.  What is so hard that that they  think it is worth arguing over instead of doing the work like everybody else, you may ask?   This;   converting fractions to decimals and knowing that  the word OF means the same as MULTIPLY whenever you are doing math.  Also, that the word PERCENT means the same as DIVIDE BY THE NUMBER 100…EVERY TIME…IN A MATH EQUATION… (I.E.38% EQUALS 38/100).   This student  WILL NOT EVEN TRY DOING IT AT ALL, IT SEEMS….NO MATTER  HOW MANY TIMES I ASK…and  was supposed to do the  work at home this weekend…let’s hope  it got done without any problem with the help of a relative… that they did it  right and that tomorrow won’t be  another unproductive day of feeling like it is too hard for this person to do on their own without a calculator……Tomorrow I am going to,  again,  show  how easy it is…and I hope they listen !  They do not   realize this until they do it themselves.  They  CAN do it,   if they  try with respect towards the teacher and sit quietly and listen.

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