Teaching What?

“Reading” right?   That is what I am supposed to be teaching. I have eight questions for each section; VOCABULARY and COMPREHENSION   ( about what happened in the story   that we did not read together because of    ADD,    ADHD, whatever terms that are commonly used right now in the educational setting…referring to discipline issues…all those myths that i am sure not happy about using to label any kids to begin with….but, are useful in getting my point across….to outsiders…like you…the reader)) to give them for their assignment after they read four chap[ters …which MEANS ….GOSH….I AM GONNA GIVE THEM FOUR CHAPTERS A DAY TO FINISH AND THEN ALL THOSE QUESTIONS, TO FINISH TOO? WELL, MAYBE. HERE IS WHAT HAPPENED THIS PAST WEEK AND A HALF:

1.  I took home the book and i did not find it to my liking, anyway, so i had no problem deciding they might agree.  Which , maybe, is a dumb thing to think…but, not that they really like to read that much anyway.  Did you when you were a kid?   I din’t think so.   I don’t like reading now, really, that much either.  Anyway,  for tthose reasons and more.. I  did not tell them  though.  of course not!!  I thought the book was gonna bore them to death.   So, I decided that I would direct them to answer each question along the way as they read the chapters silently to themselves at a place in the room that they were able to sit comfortably and read….( Which worked for some of em noicely…the usual well behaved  kids, that is) then i said, look at the questions and then go t back over the chapters and find the right part of the book which has the part that should give you the information that answers that particular question.   Did  they know what i meant?  I guess not.   i got a lot of funny stuff….OMG!  It is amazing!   Okay…I told the kids, put the page number that you got your answers from…they did not like that…so, i said, are you guys reading it at all?  Do you like the story?   it seems like you do not, or else why are you not reading it?   Then, they decided to put the page numbers…which was again, very funny!  All wrong page numbers.  very cute, that they were giving me a lot of work…but, was it worth their time to do it wrong!  I don’t think so!   By the way, we are all in the same boat here…these kids and I….we are lazy and we do not want to read the dang book!!!!   I will not say the title for obvious reasons!!   As a teacher, though, I was thinking wouldn’t it be better if I could be sure they at least did not learn how to not like to read even more than already seem to …already…just in case4 they get that idea in their minds because of me…i wanterd to go a duifferent direction and slow down the pace…and make sure they do not learn to do things the wrong way!!!   okay?  fair enough?   because, it is better to me, if they did no work unless it was meaningful work.  Or, useful, at  all times that they ever do work at all anywhere in their lives!! Cmon!  You would have to agree!!!

FYI,   I got two groups…one is easier to teach than the other one.  Wrong!  They both are equally as hard to teach , if you ask me!!!

2. iI asked the kids to answer simple questions about the story for each other  as a  group, sitting together at a table with me.  Which was great…I  am glad.  ii   found out how much   they   knew, and they shared it with each other…Then, i found that , they   again,   have to be “babysat “…and only a few of them were  seemingly , reading,  quietly on their own.  I  really should think about this stuff  first,    before   iI  go and experiment….But, first, I will say this,   i    did  ask them during   P. .E.  and before  the reading  lesson  got  started    “Aren’t you bored with reading””    and    ” Don’t you think we should   try   something else?”    I  was going to try   “something else” ., I knew…I  had to…even though  I was , I discovered,   unorganized  a bit too much ,    maybe,    for   them    to    relate… “something else”   ……. it  was gonna happen…Oh, I think they were “protected ”   from   the   shortcomings ….f rom   that  lack of organization ..by me…i  should know……as much as I  could…I covered it up…(I will find out tomorrow…during  class sometime, i am sure,   what they think.  I t was hopefully,    not as confusing   to    them as  I i  know it would have   been   for me, if I  were in that class as a student with  them…Sorry, kids!   Your teacher was only trying to help!!! Don’t worry!!  I will really help you tomorrow.  Okay?  (just in case   I   forget   what to tell them tomorrow…I   was rehearsing  with you now  how   I  would say it).

3.  Bottom line, I am going to read the chapters as soon as I am done with this analysis   myself and   I  will fill it the answers for them and give them the answers   tomorrow.  I will    model   how   to   do what     I     think   will    be    useful    to them    throughout    their careers    as students.  and that are correctly done the right way!     I don’t have an answer key for this subject;     oh well,    that is life…so, time for me to get to work now!

P.S.    They are so smart,    and I  tell  them  tthat.       It    is    fun to be smart!   It    is no fun    be stupid…if you are stupid you don’t really know if you are stupid…though   You     only  know if you   are stupid……  if     you   are     smart.

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