“Of” Means The Same As “Multipy …X…”

“33%     OF    10….. IS THE SAME AS ….. .03  MULTIPLIED BY   10”

“Percent” means “divide by 100”

“3 out of 100 equals .03,

3 out of 1, 000 equals .003,

3 out of 10,00 equals  .0003,”

“Remember to move the decimal point over one more time to the left,

….one more every time the number grows by another zero…”

And,   “3.68 % of 20 equals .0368  X  20 .”

C’mon, you guys! I have been going over this with you for how long now? The new girl in the class was the only one who aced the pop quiz today.

She listened to me one time in class and got it right the first time she took the test.. Go figure?

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