“Open Down”

I say, “Open Down”, instead of the opposite (Shut Up) in class to the kids. They figure it out eventually, even though, I wish they would just be perfectly quiet (without being reminded. more than a few times)..in the first place…like they  WERE NOT today! I got all kinds of creative “inappropriate” stories from them, as they “read out-loud” from the book.  OMG, instead of reading the actual words they saw in front of them….from the story written in the book that were accurate….they made up their own stories.  . It was not funny! But, at least, they laughed and had the ability to improvise well enough to make their friends laugh! With so much goofing off like this I had to unplug all of the computers. (that they like more than anything else at school, besides flag  football practice)!

Good thing there teacher is returning tomorrow! Hey, you would have had as much trouble as anyone…don’t think I am that bad at what I do.   I know how much better they could have done.  They know what they did was wrong, too. Just, O guess the only excuse i can make for them is that perhaps, when they get together and decide they have had too much strictness or whatever forced on them,, they take advantage of the opportunity to have fun and goof off?   I don’t know?  It isn’t their faults…entirely…But, I wish they could finish what they are supposed to do first…They don’t seem to have that ability when I ask them to read out loud; to read all the chapters together at the table in the back of the room…Oh well, I tried. Even with several kids who knew they were not supposed to be in that group to begin with…and were supposed to be at music class instead!! Why does that music class have to happen in the middle of Reading and split up the whole class into groups anyway? Yuck!! Kids are in and out of the class way too much to handle for any Long Term Substitute, it seems.  And,   if you ask  me, i believe students enjoy it way too much  to confuse  whoever is in charge  whenever they can. Why wouldn’t i take away their computer privilege as a result?

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