One Group Got Almost All Of The Votes

There was  a group made up of  three students, that got almost all the votes  from their peers during  History class.    A total of seven groups  had  just finished with their presentations.  One of the students said,   “Which group was our favorite?,”   and “Let’s vote!”  Actually, maybe it was me who said that, instead…Anyway,  we were going to do just that: VOTE.   So  the teacher added (that’s me) ..”We are gonna take a  “voter-break” ….Put democracy in action. ” The result was a happy class, and a well worthy winner.  I won’t say the name…but, it was a shining moment for one special young man….who showed a much greater skill- level compared to everyone else in his class…(When we voted it was split like this:  two votes for one group, three votes for another group, and all the rest of the votes went to his group.)  The majority of the class seemed to be overwhelmingly willing  to shower this guy with adoration and respect  (which they didn’t seem to want to give openly too often without very good cause…or a great deal of hesitation) ;   more so than even he probably would  have expected them to   for his group’s efforts ,  perhaps.    Smiles were in abundance;   it was a friendly place,  where most everyone shared  in this group’s glory.   If this class ever were to need a spokesperson,   this young man would be it.   The  “star”    of the whole class,   the “smartest”  (or brightest ) kid in the class; that everyone was so proud of.  Wow!   They were good kids!   They were great kids, in fact!  ( “Appoint”   is such a great word., by the way) Voting on things in class , sometimes makes for very memorable moments for kids that they will probably not soon forget.  Some of them, anyway.

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