“Protecting” Your Class

Dang!  You wanna know what I have found?  That Paraeducators who “protect” their students, tend to make nicer kids.  That is a “relative”  fact.  I appreciate them for their dedication, myself….seeing the way the kids act.   They are protected from the real world like mother hawks surrounding their nest eggs…not ready to hatch.  But, when they do…they will be fierce and powerful and ready to defend themselves and fight back against any attacks with whatever ammunition they need.  Meanwhile, they are going to be young and “sweet in  heart ” and trusting, and caring among their little group and forget about the outside world for awhile…if those “Paraeducators” can help it.  ( As a substitute, I work with a lot of “Paraeducators’ who stay with the class everyday- alongside their regular teacher)  “When they walk through that door, they are my kids, ” I have been told .  And,   “I love what I do …for the last twenty years, or so…”  once class was over, one Paraeducator told me (most of them have been there for at least a decade, it seems).  And, believe me, it makes for a “special” group of  “good’ students ( no matter what grades they are getting in class) when they are protected like this .  Students who aren’t as worried about not fitting in on purpose,  or be a good student during class.  School is their territory to do things as they should…and be good themselves because someone cares about them and they care about each other.  a tight niche…that is not so bad.   If you ask, you’ll see….community day school kids.

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