The Food She Brought Tasted Like It Had Vaseline In It

Is it okay to be stressed out about sounding too stuck up?  I don’t think so;   but, if I am wrong, I will regret telling someone whose opinion of me matters a lot,  that the expensive, tasty- pastry treats she bought at a special shop tasted like they had Vaseline in them.  Yuck! Otherwise , I do my job well.   I hope she thinks so,  because I am going to apply for the position full time, instead of just as a sub…  Wish me luck! I hope that it will be good timing for me, at   the time I contact my boss on Monday.   I didn’t see the listing on Edjoin, I heard about it from the lady I said that to…at work, and the other Tchrs.Asst.S!   I will be the happiest person in  the  world  if  I get it…if not, I am gonna blame it on somebody else and be sad.  Gawd, I hope I am not too late….You are the only one I have told this to……like you really are a person…as if?  No one reads my blogs ( just like no one talks to me anymore, or seems to have anything to say to me that is what I want to hear and helpful ….unless it is my work) , anyway!  LOL  I am sure going to be happy once work picks up, that is all I have to look forward to …it seems!  And, I do!!  Don’t forget to Praise The Lord!!   Thank You Jesus for this opportunity and all of my many MORE THAT WILL BE GIVEN TO ME IN THE FUTURE BY TRUSTING IN YOU.AMEN.

I guess The Lord and I decided that   I  had  too many other things going on that I liked, and I didn’t follow up on this job opening.  I may see what is happening with it soon.  But, I don’t know if it is already too late.  Today   I worked at a great class in a different district…and it was also my favorite one to go to of all time.  Every class I take…is my  “favorite”  one.  As odd as that sounds, it is true.  I enjoy what  I do.

And another thing, that the Lord has taught me from this experience…that I am full of shit because…I  did  not  even  think  about what  to  expect   if  I were  to  get  a  job   working at anther district(s) weeks in advance…like I was….immediately after I wrote this…that   I  accepted…therefore….I was obligated elsewhere anyway…and wasn’t going to consider a full time job anywhere….which had something to do with this.  Okay, so what happens,  then,  once..I  find out I am no longer needed at the other job…to me?   Do I call for a full time job from “last year”? They didn’t call me….or think I cared, right?  LOL What am  I left with?  Nothing.  The Lord knows…that is stupid!!   Oh well…That job would not have been given to me anyway…because I said the pastries tasted like they had Vaseline in them…LMAO.   It is not too late though to see if they need a sub there again some day in the future. See if it wasn’t for The Lord….I wouldn’t a known how stupid I was and how grateful I am for His Salvation….it will all work out…next time…I will act differently when I  need something really badly  -LIKE A FULL TIME  JOB!

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