Doesn’t Speak English

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Image via Wikipedia

A  young woman  at the end of the day, as we were   standing by the door,  asked me   “Are you all White?'”

I was  surprised  at first , so I  repeated  her question ,   “Am I  just White you mean?”

She nodded and said, “Yeah, are you all White?” (pertaining to my  racial heritage)

“You mean  am I 100 %  White?”   She shook her head, yes.   I said, “Well, my mom says her first language is French. ”

I looked into her face to check for  understanding or for any  understanding  I might sense,  (teachers are good at that sorta thing)

and, then I said, “They don’t speak English”  and, “So, I guess I am not 100%  White,  maybe ?”

I could tell she was paying attention to me,   so I asked,   “Do you speak any other language  besides  English?”  She thought seriously  to herself without saying much.

“Is  not speaking  English the same as not being all White?”   I  stared back at her curiously.

We shrugged our shoulders as the bell rang and we said goodbye.

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