A Sneaky Guest

A Ruckus means when things get out of control;  like almost first thing this morning in my room at the continuation high school.   Wow!   We had so much fun!!!   That smiling face sitting next to  me , close to the teacherś desk….what a happy child!    Music and fun and all…..sorta mischief;     if my class…the whole class…. could help it, with this student next to me.  It turned out he was actually  a guest…from the other room.   I did not know it at the time.  So, with his  help, and my confusion, it was really easy to be off-task for a more than a few minutes this morning during class.

I am not sure how long…but, it was fun!! I could see that, it was really, really, fun.  Teacher was not  even getting upset.   I regret that I gave the remote to the first, most well- behaved student in the class….for him to choose whatever song he liked- if we all did our work quietly in class.  Guess what?   That kid next to me snuck it…away  from the best behaved kid..fast..before I even saw a thing…that music was loud… and so was the whole class.   I asked the   the class, “Who has my remote?”  The kid I gave it to, sure did not.  He had no idea where the remote went.  I stood and watched for it.  It was somewhere.  I would find it, eventually.  I was staring at the kid next to me who was staring at me…and slowly he pulled it out of his sweatshirt and politely giving it to me.  He then politely said,  ´´Can we play it?”  Ḧe  asked me to let him have it and play with it …very nicely he asked…and very nicely I said, “No,  ” and clicked it off.  Once the music stopped I was relieved to see him get back to work.  And to be able to slide that remote far into the teacherś top drawer in  her desk where I was  sitting.  Sitting and standing up…both.

I must have said that to the whole class, ´´Ẅho has my remote?”  And, again,  as I   looked at everyone…with no one looking back at me, except for him…  he slowly took it out of his pocket  and handed it to me nicely. The  kid asked every time,  politely,  if he could play the music. I told  him at least three times, probably four times…the same thing…but it was fun for that kid, I could see.      ´´Please do your work.”      I got tired of clicking that thing off… decided it was time to do something more effective…I  got tired of hearing that same request of me…every time he snatched that little thing from where I had it so carefully…I thought… tucked away.  Remotes are fun things to sneak and hide from a teacher!   And, fun to give back…then to sneak away again….without her seeing…then give back then sneak away…then finally watch as I said I might have to call their real teacher ….for what I should do…the whole room goes quiet….for that!!  First, though, I got them all to suddenly behave by saying this, ”  I am going to write now for your teacher a list that is called, THINGS I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO BUT YOU DID ANYWAY ;  that worked wonders.  I told them if I get to more than a certain number…I would call their teacher. Since,   they were not quiet..what else would I do? Of course, I would  not  yell, or react angrily in any way.  I really mean it, I never do that to kids.  Never!!! To the whole class… I speak very calmly and choose my words very carefully. And this list  was perfect for doing that!

It was quiet in the room as they all sat in their seats with a concerned look on their faces watching me as I held the phone to my ear and was ready to read the list of six things they had already agreed they had done and were  wrong and that they should not  have had done them during class……that were listed…to their teacher.  I did dial the digits, with no success, however.   A student showed me, and I attempted again.  I said they were not to do it for me,  even though  it was difficult for me.  They sat and watched.    Maybe the the phone system was still not working properly, as the teacher next door had,  before class, informed me of, the day before, I thought.  It had been actually out of service at times,  for some reason, seriously.  Sometimes it does not  seem to work right away as easily as it should.  So, I gave up and decided it was okay, they were doing there work now.  I did not have any more problems that day. And, the worst part of the whole thing is….the happy, sneaky child…was not who he said he was….he was a very attentive  guest “from the room down the hall….he was with us all day…to behave as badly as possible…no one in this class woulda taken that remote…from their teacherś desk…but, it was not even his teacherś desk….he did it gladly to have fun …how funny!!  It was funny to hear his  teacher at the end of the day say,

“______________,   what are you doing in here?”  She leaned down to look at him. The face inside the hooded sweatshirt was her student, not mine.  It was the same student who  had been   polite to me earlier.  Every    time  I asked him for my remote …he gave it back to me.   I was amazed, because  he took it without my noticing him,   even slightly.  I wonder how?

“You do NOT belong in here! ´´

´´ C´mon…let’s go  back to our class,” his real teacher said.

The teachers next door told me he had already been  permanently removed from our class sometime ago.

By the way,  the lesson plans the teacher left  for me instructed me  to play reggae music in the room during the first part of class…seemed they did not like that music too much…and would rather I not even play  music, at all.  Like the day before when they chose  to sit quietly with no reggae music.  It was not much of a reward, for me to use to get them to behave, I thought. I would give them the choice  to pick whatever music they wanted.   I found out at the end of the day, too, that  they liked to sing the stuff that says EXPLICIT LYRICS /PARENTAL WARNING they tried to play..that , but I turned it off right away.

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