Everybody Is Happy

Classroom Management

Image by Robin Hutton via Flickr

9:10 AM-Classroom Conduct
Image by Old Shoe Woman via Flickr

A  teacher appreciates

When  they  come back …that

Their class will not be all crazy and   whacked out with stupidity,  and

Their students   are    better  off, not worse off….

Than they were with them…there real teacher

Who disciplined them before,

Because  the substitute knew…what to do,

And had   the type of   personality… most likely to

See what to do…intelligently and effectively……and act accordingly,

Meaning everybody is happy… because the real teacher knows they  will not be taking steps backwards with their

TeacherStudents.. immediatedly…once they see how those kids behave, later with them,

And wasting valuable work time, to undo a bunch of stupidity is not an issue…

To help get them back up to where they were before, with the real teacher,

In the firstplace.




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