Wrist Bands

What would you do if a kid at school in your class for the day was wearing something that was barely noticeable but considered not right to have on at school, maybe? You are not sure. I had a problem with a kid wearing a wrist band that had very bad “fuck me ima whatever etc…” things assembled together in letters that looked like dice… on it..a girl with some words like…FUCK ME or SUCK ME and all that kinda stuff…that was prolly why she was at that school for teenage mother’s to begin with, huh? Nasty stuff all together like she was a total SLUT. Small as could be on her wrist. I dealt with it as if it did not matter to me what her real teacher said…I did not want to hear what anyone else didn’t say, or did say, about that little dang thing/her bracelet……just take it off. Because I said so. I didn’t ask if anyone else said it was alright. It was going to make guys treat her badly I thought, for some reason. Even though it was just on one o’ them little tiny squares with words made up on em however you want…friendship bracelet things they wear these days? You maybe have no idea what that looks like, I understand. So you can’t relate. I think they are cool. I woulda rather not seen it , when I saw it, though. When I explained to her that I thought she might get in trouble for it if she didn’t change it….the kid related to that. Sorta. She fixed it ,. I don’t know why I remembered that day. Would you?

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