Private Vs Public..OK..What? (unedited)

I want to say this: what the heck was or am I thinking about with this title here? Everybody knows only rich kids go to private schools and everybody who dont’ got no money goes to school in public. Bad joke, maybe? . Rich kids may grow up to be great Democrats when they go to ritzy private schools, and Democrats are mostly poor, perhaps, so that cannot be right. I used to think that was weird until I appreciated being different from everybody else myself in public. Or just poor and grateful for going to rich , private schools, so I could use it as an excuse to think like me..which is awesome!! I want to be rather a rich person …and cool …more than being me, though. I aint the type to go to no rich nothing. I learned to be someone who was really not concerned with being poor or rich and what other people think just because I had to be…to survive. Besides, to avoid ever hearing my easy to categorize, conforming, wannabe rich…like most people… to imagine hearing my folks ever use my life as an example of how much of a waste of money my edumacation maybe was…when they wont read this…and they would know….obviously…hehehehe….omg….I am tooo much….sorry mom….like maybe she cares about what i say or do….yes…I believe she does…actually…that is why…she prolly wishes i went to college about as much as I wish she DID…or my student loan folks wish I didn’t …I do not want top talk about my creditors and what to do ….omg… right about now, perhaps, with them. I was privileged and I was really used to being the way I really am in the real world…when I went to private school. That was a good enough reason to brag for me…heheheheh. Thank Bipartisanism.., or Democrats and Republicans…whoever….and me for keeping my mouth shut in college..unlike now…and for those who know what it is like to be poor…they do not know that what I am talking about never relates to them too..prolly…i hope….not…sorry…do not be jealous….but private stuff happens seldomly. That is why I am neither..subjective or objective…at the same time…so i just suck…when I write just stupid, imbecile…any ol normal lunatic…hehehehe…not me… usually makes..about credit? Ok.

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