Someone Knows What I Am Talking About!

I know an angel riding on a chariot from heaven

Doing whatever a certain person who just died wants,

A certain person I was friends with in life,

I do not want to talk about our friendship,

Ever, though, with anyone,

It hurts me in so many ways….

Picked my body up ,

Seriously….. and parted the heavens …

And I was absolutely unscathed…

My head was not split open …my neck was not broken,

My teeth were kicked in,

But they are not at all loose,

And I suffered only mental shock and was in no pain,


I did not put my hands down,

Just like Christopher Reeves, didn’t….

And I had no idea that friend helped me until later…

After I found out the news,

I was in a dream-world for weeks!

Here where I live the women talk….

They say, “If she wanted to hurt you,”

Which she did,

“You woulda been hurt!”

They say, “She did not touch you!”

Which they say without being right,

They were not there,

They are not the person who did it to me,

Who was trying to kill me! And I know for a fact,

The heavens parted and I was saved!

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